Obtaining a chimpanzee and a Gorilla Tracking (Trekking) Permit in Uganda

Obtaining a chimpanzee and a Gorilla Tracking (Trekking) Permit in Uganda

Mountain Gorillas are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Uganda.  A small number of people are allowed to track them each day.

Gorilla tracking or trek permits can either be booked together with your tour package by a Uganda based tour operator, or directly with Uganda Wildlife AuthoritVisiting-uganda-east-africa-to-see-silver-back-baboons-gollirasy, or independent of a tour package but through a Uganda-based tour operator.

Uganda Wildlife Authority recommends that you must be at least 15 years of age. Permits can be obtained for two different parks, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla Park.

Costs for Gorilla Trekking Permits

USD $600 per person per day

NB: Cost of the permit is excluded in the price of the tour.

chimpanzeeTrekking chimpanzees in Uganda require booking  permits for either Kibale National Park, Chambura Gorge, Karinzu Eco tourism site as well as Budongo Forest. Booking chimpanzee permits for Kibale National Park as well as Chambura Gorge is done by Uganda Wildlife Authority through a registered local tourism company.

All our clients interested in chimpanzee trekking are requested to inform us about their National park of interests, date, month and year when they intend to visit Uganda. Roots Tours and Travel will then contact Uganda Wildlife Authority to check if there is still availability of chimpanzee permits for those specific dates. Once we find that chimpanzee permits are still available, then we will write back to tell you to make payment and once funds are received, we will book your chimpanzee permits and all components of your safari.

What you must know before you book your Chimpanzee Trekking permit

Whoever is interested in Chimpanzee trekking in Uganda should be aware of the fact that there is some age limit for trekking chimps in all National Parks and Forest reserves. In some National Parks, tourist bellow the age of 12 years are not allowed in Chimpanzee trekking activities while others will in other National Parks tourists bellow 15 years are not allowed to participate in Chimpanzee trekking just like Gorilla trekking. Please inquire about the age limit before booking chimpanzee permits in Uganda.

Other Rules are;

  • You are required to keep a distance of about 8m between you and the chimps.
  • People with diseases such as flue or diarrhea may not be allowed in the park.
  • Avoid eating near the chimps.
  • Guide is the only one to help get access to the forest.
  • Chimps need freedom therefore no provoking them once you enter the park.
  • Flash photography are not allowed in the park.

Costs for Chimpanzee Trekking Permits

USD $100 per person per day for Non – Foreign Residents
USD $75 per person per day for East African Foreign Residents
UGX 75,000 per person per day for East African Citizens

*price of permit is included in the tour price.
** You are advised to apply for a Gorilla permit 3 months in advance. **

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